LA Dance

LA Dance Uniform

LA Dance has great uniforms which help both the students and teachers get the most out of dance classes. Uniforms are useful so that teachers can see how the dancer’s body is aligned and help to develop the dancer’s technique. The jazz uniform is unique to our dance school and the ballet uniform is in line with the BBO requirements.

LA Dance sells almost all the required items through our shop. If you have any questions about the uniforms or fittings please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher.

Second-hand uniforms are available in Kelburn, we have an honesty system where you can often find a great deal.


Creative Dance: Pink leotard with chiffon skirt

Grades 1-5: Navy blue leotard

Intermediate: Black leotard

Advanced: Black leotard and chiffon skirt

Jazz, Tap and Acro

Intro levels 1-5: Blue/black leotard and black-bike shorts

Elementary: LA Dance blue singlet and 3/4 leggings

Intermediate and advanced: LA Dance black singlet and 3/4 leggings


Ballet: White leotard with black leggings

Jazz, Tap and Acro: LA Dance blue top and bike pants.


All levels wear the LA Dance singlet or lose fitted t-shirt and 3/4 leggings. No shoes are required.


Shoes can be ordered through our store anytime. At the beginning of each year, we do a callout so we can get a discount for a bulk order. Feel free to try the second hand-box first. If you are thinking of buying second-hand shoes on Trademe please check with us first as there are many different styles and we are quite specific on the style required for our syllabus.


Intro 1, 2 and 3 jazz students don’t need shoes but they will need a pair of black socks.

Jazz students from intro 4 upwards need black jazz shoes. We are currently transitioning to the split sole slip-on jazz shoe available in the shop.


All tap students need tap shoes – open shoes for junior students, whereas seniors wear closed shoes.


Ballet shoes have to fit and should not have growing room. The Pre-Syllabus, Pre-Primary, Primary, Grade 1 and 2 students wear elastic across the shoe, whilst the higher grades need to have ribbons. It’s best to get fitted for a pair of ballet shoes – a good place to buy them is Gubbs on Wakefield St.